Nassau Seizing Vehicles After DWI


Nassau County police have begun seizing motor vehicles incident to arrests for DWI or driving while ability impaired by drugs.

In May, the County retained the law firm of Campanelli & Associates, P.C. to commence civil forfeiture actions against the owners of such vehicles. The firm did similar work for the County from 2001 through 2003, handling thousands of such cases for the County. According to actual arrest and DWI accident data, implementation of the DWI seizure program reduced the number of DWI offenses being committed within the County by thirty-six (36%) percent, and reduced the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers by twenty-six (26%) percent.

Attorney Andrew J. Campanelli’s firm has handled the prosecution of more than 5,000 civil forfeiture cases, with a success rate in excess of ninety-nine (99%) percent.
Note: prior outcomes do not guarantee future results.