Civil Forfeiture Prosecution

Our firm offers experienced representation to municipalities and claiming authorities, not only in the prosecution of civil forfeiture actions, but in setting up civil forfeiture programs in their entirety.

We have handled the prosecution of more than five thousand (5,000) civil forfeiture actions, and our success rate in obtaining forfeiture and/or other resolutions favorable to the respective claiming authority remains in excess of ninety-eight (98%) percent.

Where we have been retained to essentially take over a pre-existing civil forfeiture program for a municipality, we have increased the rate of disposition of the municipality’s civil forfeiture cases1 Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. by one thousand five hundred (1,500%) percent, and increased the revenues being generated by the program by one thousand eight hundred (1,800%) percent, all while maintaining a program success rate of ninety-nine (99%) percent in the prosecution of the municipality’s civil forfeiture cases.

Contemporaneously, we are armed with the knowledge and experience we have acquired in prosecuting federal civil rights cases against municipalities since 1996.

As such, we are uniquely suited to maintain civil forfeiture programs in a manner which insulates the respective municipality from claims that its respective forfeiture provision, or its application, violates the U.S. Constitutional rights of the owners of seized properties.

To date, we have defeated every U.S. constitutional claim and/or defense ever raised by any defendant in the more than 5,000 forfeiture cases we have prosecuted.2Id.

[Link – See 2002 Year End Progress Report]

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1. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.
2. Id.