Civil Rights Litigation

Under the United States Constitution, no individual, business or corporation may be deprived of a liberty or property interest without due process of law, and they are contemporaneously veiled with the right to equal protection under the laws of the United States and each respective individual state.

If any government or individual acting under color of federal or state law deprives an individual, business or corporation of such rights, or retaliates against them for having exercised their rights, the person or corporation whose rights have been violated is empowered to pursue legal redress for same.

At Campanelli & Associates, P.C., we represent individuals, businesses and corporations in a wide range of civil actions seeking redress for violations of their individual and commercial civil rights.

Such cases often include actions for deprivations of real and/or vested personal property rights, First Amendment speech, right to petition and retaliation claims, a wide range of violations of our client’s rights to equal protection under law, as well as actions based upon conspiracies to violate our client’s rights.

Our cases are typically pursued in United States District Courts, and virtually always include claims to recover statutory attorneys fees and costs for our clients.

If you believe that your rights have been violated by a state or local government, or any person acting under color of state law, either alone, or in conspiracy with a private actor, call us. Initial consultations are provided free of charge.