State and Federal Litigation

At Campanelli & Associates, P.C., we offer experienced representation in prosecuting and defending civil cases in all Courts throughout the State of New York, and in Federal cases throughout the United States.

We represent litigants at all stages of civil litigation. Our services often begin with initial case investigations which typically include, but are not limited to, analyzing potential case strategies and options based upon the perceived strength of liability in each respective case, the potential measure of damages involved, and the anticipated cost to be incurred in the pursuit and/or defense of each case.

Where litigation cannot be avoided, or litigation must be pursued if we are to protect our client’s rights, we thereafter proceed in the drafting and filing of pleadings, and continue through all phases of discovery, motion practice, trials and appeals.

We offer such services within the context of state court proceedings in New York Civil, District and Supreme Courts, the New York Court of Claims, all four Appellate Divisions and The Court of Appeals.

Within federal matters, we offer to provide such services and representation to clients before most United States District Courts nationwide, The United States Courts of Appeals for all Circuits, and The United States Supreme Court.

We also provide skilled representation to our clients within the parallel dispute resolution contexts of mediation and arbitration.